Friday, January 14, 2011

About Caponization

A surgical procedure performed on 2 week old baby chicks (males, Cocks), where a slice is made to the ribcage into the chicks cavity (while awake), to access the young chicks testicles. A sharp instrument is then inserted into the cavity of the baby chick, and both testicles are ripped and cut out.

No anethesia is offered! In many countries this procedure is outlawed, and for good reasons; It is completely, and utterly cruel, inhumane and dangerous.

Some farmers do this to get their birds to grow faster, instead of focusing on their hormones, the birds are busy growing.

Once birds have been caponized, they must be given antibiotics in their water to prevent infection. many die from shock, during the procedure, and shortly after the procedure, if they are not given antibiotics, they surely do die of septic poisoning, infection and complications as a result of this type of (do-it-yourself) surgical procedure.

Here, at Rainbow Ranch Farms, we do not offer capons, not ever! All our birds are grown naturally, with all their parts; grown with respect and kindness. We believe that growing meat naturally and humanely, the end result is superb and offers a most superior flavor.

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