Thursday, September 27, 2012

Heritage Turkeys & Breeding

New blood lines, of heritage turkeys, arrived on Wednesday, September 26th, from Olde Reminisce Farms.

Two Narragansett Toms, and one Blue Slate, Tom. These gorgeous birds, where grown by Olde Reminisce Farms. Lori brought them to Rainbow Ranch Farms, and they will be part of our heritage-turkey, breed-improvement program.

When Lori drove up, she opened the kennel door, and we pulled the Tom's out, one by, one and we encouraged them to fly out.

Last night they were roosting along the cross-fencing, and this morning, they were ranging with the boars, pecking through the boar corrals, for goodies.

They are beautiful, healthy, and we thank Lori Enright, of Olde Reminisce Farms, for donating these beautiful birds to our breeding program.

Here, at Rainbow Ranch Farms, we breed, hatch, grow and produce a variety of heritage turkeys.

Spanish Black - Narragansett - Blue Slate - Bourbon Red - White Holland - Midget White - Chocolate - Royal Palm - Rio Grande Wild - Eastern Wild, and our own heritage-specialty farm breed: ®Ξενία’s Turkeys™

To learn about, what's new, at Olde Reminisce Farms, Please visit the official O.R.F. website.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Photo Shoot, Today!

Photo Shoot, and Interview, with DITLO, Today! Day In The Life Of..

Bruce Kramer, Kramer Creative Group, will be spending a day with Rainbow Ranch Farms and Kelley Beef.

Today we do our morning home-farm chores, process poultry, wrangle/load/haul cattle, and more.. Thanks to our wonderful volunteers, we will have plenty of help, today!

Working closely with great farmers, and ranchers, brings us many blessings. Today we will be working along side, Lori Enright of Olde Reminisce Farms (President of the American Kunekune Breeders Association). We will be working with Mary, of Mary's Goat Farm, and Danite C. We are looking forward to having a productive day!

Thank you all! With the participation of all our great farm members, volunteers, participants, fellow farmers, and ranchers, all things are possible!!

Thank you, until next time.