Saturday, January 22, 2011

Lamb Tail Docking Inhumane, Cruel, Unnecessary

This is ugly, if you have a weak stomach, please do not read, how most lambs are treated before going to the dinner table.

Here is the complete and original article:

Before being slaughtered the infant lambs will have a number of horrific procedures carried out on them.

Remember: Always be certain that your lamb was humanely treated, before giving money to further the abuse of innocent animals, especially livestock that we use and grow for food. It is important to respect the life and harvest of all livestock.

At only a few days old all the male lambs will be castrated. Usually they will have an extremely tight plastic ring placed around their genitalia, this cuts off the blood supply and the reproductive organ subsequently withers and falls off. This is excruciatingly painful and is done with out pain killers or anesthetic. In older lambs the scrotum will be cut open and the testes extracted. This is all done to make the meat tenderer as well as to control the temperament of the child and accelerate his growth.

The babies will also have their ears tagged by piercing and under go “tail docking”, this is when the tail is either cut off or has an extremely tight plastic ring placed on it which like the castration causes the tail to shrivel and fall off. The docking is meant to prevent parasitic infections but there is little scientific evidence to suggest that it is effective.

Older sheep may also have their horns removed whilst the lambs will be disbudded. These are all agonizing and unnecessary operations often carried by non-expert staff with no sanitization or medication. Some young lambs are so terrorized by the castration that they subsequently go into shock and stop suckling, they eventually die from starvation beside their distraught mothers.

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Friday, January 21, 2011


Field harvest on Monday, January 24th, 2011, in the morning.

Food For Life 1-A members, this is one of your cows for February "BEEF SHARES", we are harvesting 2 for you, 1 steer has already been done (yesterday) and is at the butcher shop for hang, cut and wrap, the other is a hiefer, she will be harvested here on the farm.

After our custom processor has finished, Dennis will then transport the carcass to the butcher shop for hang, cut and wrap.

You are welcome to join us. Please let me know if you are coming up to share this morning with us, so I may prepare some bevarages and enough seating.

Know your food is always free range, grass fed, heritage breed and humanely treated.

Friday, January 14, 2011

About Caponization

A surgical procedure performed on 2 week old baby chicks (males, Cocks), where a slice is made to the ribcage into the chicks cavity (while awake), to access the young chicks testicles. A sharp instrument is then inserted into the cavity of the baby chick, and both testicles are ripped and cut out.

No anethesia is offered! In many countries this procedure is outlawed, and for good reasons; It is completely, and utterly cruel, inhumane and dangerous.

Some farmers do this to get their birds to grow faster, instead of focusing on their hormones, the birds are busy growing.

Once birds have been caponized, they must be given antibiotics in their water to prevent infection. many die from shock, during the procedure, and shortly after the procedure, if they are not given antibiotics, they surely do die of septic poisoning, infection and complications as a result of this type of (do-it-yourself) surgical procedure.

Here, at Rainbow Ranch Farms, we do not offer capons, not ever! All our birds are grown naturally, with all their parts; grown with respect and kindness. We believe that growing meat naturally and humanely, the end result is superb and offers a most superior flavor.