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Thursday, July 9, 2015

Orchard Day - Fallen Fruit

Monday July 6th 2015 - Collecting fallen fruit from the orchard and used as a seasonal livestock fodder.

We collected various varieties of peaches, apples and we pulled fresh green and lush grass!

Anyone visiting Rainbow Ranch Farms for C.S.A. Pick-Up on Saturday, July 11 2015 will have the opportunity to purchase Certified, Pesticide-Free and beyond-organically grown, freshly picked ripe peaches and other fruit direct from Richard & Patty (Artisan Market). 






The Garden

Nice, Juicy Peaches


Patty and Dennis

Crab Apples




Patty and Richard



Xenia working really hard..

Monday, July 6, 2015

Rats in Coop

Orrie came over on the 4th July 2015

Rats in coop was so difficult to deal with. I mean those suckers really freaked me out!

Orrie came over on the 4th July and stripped all the insulation and will be removing the plywood from the framing to expose the studs. NO PLACE for those rats and mice to hide anymore!  

Orrie wore a hazmat respirator

Happy Sussex
Rats were falling on his head and crawling down his back

Happy Jungle-Fowl & BCM Rooster
Looking good

No more insulation for rats to hide in
All that old and nasty insulation is covered in rat droppings!

Happy BCM flock

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