Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Typical Tuesday on the Farm

Remember JULY C.S.A. farm pick-up is scheduled for Saturday, July 11 10:30 A.M. - 1:00 P.M.  and all shipping orders placed after June 21st. will be shipped out during July. 

6:00 A.M. Tuesday June 30 2015
Neighbors yelling from the ranch front gate!

Neighbor: My bull is in your back yard!
Xenia: Well, I guess I should find the breach in the fence
Neighbor: There's no breach in the fence
Xenia: Did the stork drop your bull into the back range?

Xenia: OH CRAP!

The bull ripped up the adjoining neighbors chain link fence and crawled under it. Then walked right through the livestock panel. Dennis placed a wooden crate in front of the ripped-up chain link fence to keep the sheep in-range while wrangling the neighbors bull off the property.

Neighbors, Dennis and Xenia wrangling the bull for about 15 minutes. That bull really wanted to get in with the heifers and mate. The Heifers are always sweeter on the other side! (LOL!).

Blanca trying to get her bull
The visiting  bull

Neighbor trying to get his bull
Blanca going to get feed to lure the bull

Neighbor running toward the bull

After 15 minutes, Xenia goes and gets the camera (LOL!)

Dennis has been nursing an injured leg for about 3 weeks and was limited in his ability to run. I have slept for about 2 hours since the 28th of June. CRAZY!

Another 15 minutes of wrangling and out the gate the bull goes. 

The visiting bull


How did you start your morning?