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Whipped Parsnip Recipe (gluten-Free)

WHIPPED PARSNIPS RECIPE (Alternative to Mashed Potato)
This is super easy and fast. I am always exploring ways to make wholesome, delicious and nutritious side dishes to serve along with my home grown meats, poultry and, eggs. This one is one of my favorites. 
Whipped Parsnips Recipe  My Ingredients 
5 home grown, organic, heirloom parsnips
1 Tablespoon homemade, organic, raw butter (from fresh, raw goat's milk)
1/4 cup fresh raw, organic goat's milk
1 teaspoon Agean Cyprus sea salt
1 teaspoon organic, white pepper

Rinse and, brush parsnips.
Cut into small 1" rounds or, chunks.
Place into a steamer or you can boil.
When soft, remove from heat (if boiling, strain water very carefully and, set water aside).
DANGER! Boiling water and, steam can cause severe burns!

Using a hand held blender or other blending/mashing instrument of choice (ex. your fingers), smash the parsnips until there are no lumps. Add butter and,  milk and mix together until smooth.
Add salt, pepper to…

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