Sunday, August 10, 2014

How to Make Easy Beef Stock and Tallow

Beef Bone Broth/Stock and TALLOW

By Xenia (Rainbow Ranch Farms)

You will need:
A source of heat
A large stock pot with lid
8-10/lbs of beef bones (knuckles, marrow & rib bones)
Red wine vinegar or apple cider vinegar
Fresh lemon juice
Sea Salt
Favorite seasoning (optional, but not recommended if making tallow)
A stainless steel strainer (fine)
A large stainless steel bowl
A large stainless steel spatula
1 quart or 1/2 gallon glass jars with lids
1 tallow storage container

1. Add bones into stock pot
2. Cover 1/2 way (for richer stock) or cover all the way with water (for lighter stock)
3. Add the freshly squeezed juice from one lemon
4. Add 1/3 cup of vinegar
5. Add Sea Salt (to taste) I use 3 heaping table spoons

6. On the lowest heat possible (avoid boiling) slowly braise for at least 12 hours, while covered.
7. Turn off heat and let sit (while covered) until cool and the tallow has hardened

NOTE: Tallow should be white and covering the entire surface of the top of stock pot

8. Using a spatula, gently break and remove the tallow and place it into your container

9. Place your strainer into the stainless steel bowl, and carefully strain the stock through the strainer into the bowl
10. OPTIONAL: place a second strainer over the jar, and carefully begin filling jars, and closing with lids.
11. Refrigerate!

If you want to make the stock/broth and NOT collect the tallow, the tallow can be used as a natural air tight seal/shield for protecting the stock and keeping it fresh longer. Check photos below:

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