Tuesday, August 14, 2012

August Garden-Harvest 2012

Heirloom harvests from the Rainbow Ranch Farms, Hugel-Kulture, 2012 garden. A complimentary and healthy side dish to any of our heritage-breed, grass-fed/finished, delicious and nutritious meats, and eggs.

The Rainbow Ranch Farms, permaculture farming operation, requires livestock, especially since our objective is to be as sustainable, as possible.

We harvest seeds from our heirloom produce, and store them in air tight containers, for the next planting. When we need additional seeds, or new starter plants, we source from the most local, reputable, respected, and trusted, heirloom and/or Certified Organic, Non-G.M.O. sources. Sources include: Winnetka Farms, Ardenwoods Edibles, our family, and farm members.

Our garden is for all of us, our family, farm members, and livestock. The livestock rotate days in the garden, which also features a variety of delicious, palatable, and highly nutritious grasses (please see earlier posts). Cattle, hogs, chickens, lambs, turkeys and ducks, all enjoy, healthy benefits from the fruits of nature's delights.

Rainbow Ranch Farms garden-bounties are offered with compliments and love, to our family, and farm members. We do not grow enough for the general public, or to sell, at this time. The garden is a result of livestock integration, hard working farm members, volunteers, participants and Dennis Kelley. Thank you!

Dennis is now planning the next garden varieties. Although we work several farm and ranch locations, Dennis takes care of the garden, every single morning, and often, late evenings too. The Hugel-Kulture garden is a priority, not only to all of us, but to the livestock who depend on the nutritious foods also.

If you are growing a garden, indoor/outdoor herb garden, patio garden, etc. without any livestock; we suggest contacting our dear friend, Annie Haven, of Authentic Haven Brand, Moo-Tea. With moo-tea, your garden will flourish with exceptional results, and beauty, without the need of space, or the care-taking of livestock. Authentic Haven brand is also excellent for sprouting! it provides added nutritional value to each seed, thus accelerating the sprouting process, and helping the sprouts develop full nutritional values.
Photo is from www.greensoiltea.blogspot.com

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