Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Calves, Box Truck, Kunekune, FFL, Lambs+


3:37am, gearing up for California, state livestock inspection(cattle)today on pasture. Dennis and the pros(Jacob, Leo and Sarah..tee-hee) will be moving, hauling and pulling calves. Rainbow Ranch Farms have added Lowline Angus and Lowline Hereford cattle to the herd of Dexters, Limousin, Charolais, Jerseys, Holsteins and crosses. 3 of the Lowline Angus, bull calves will be coming here to the home front.

Rainbow Ranch Farms is planning on moving cattle herd closer to the home front(within a 200 mile radius). If any member has pasture land available for the farm members herd, please let me know.

The farm needs another/upgraded truck for hauling the livestock trailer, the 69 Ford is not what it used to be (but, still ticking), if you or someone you know has a truck for Rainbow Ranch Farms, it is needed.

Rainbow Ranch Farms needs to borrow/utilize a small box truck for the month of November, we are happy to trade for rent or usage. If you or anyone you know, has one for the farm to use for November, please let me know 1-760-868-6206.

F.F.L. 1-A:
F.F.L. 1-A please renew at farm pick-up for 2012.
Starting in 2012, the farm is considering offering pick-up on both the first Saturday and the first Sunday of each month, in an effort to offer members more open and flexible options.

Volunteers needed to process all the Coq-Au-Vin/soup/stew/broth roosters. They are HUGE!! and the last ones I harvested were weighing 5-7lbs each.

Kunekune Pigs:
More Kunekune pigs are scheduled to come to the farm before January, get your subscriptions in for luau and oven roasters.

Thank you to keith, Dennis, David S., the kids, Sirpa and Kristin for being such a tremendous help on the last Kunekune (luau) processing day, last week. What a task! LOL-LOL.

Rainbow Ranch Farms pure breed Saint Croix and Black Barbado sheep on pasture: 3 ewes have dropped lambs, the girls that are here on the home front will have another tup coming soon! The Dorper crosses will be ready for processing in the Spring of 2012.

Tender and delicious Quail will be available exclusively at L.G. Meats.

Starting 2012, Rainbow Ranch Farms will have a limited supply of heritage turkey available all year!

FREE - Mulch, Compost, Manure - FREE
Farm members are always welcome to pick up mulch, manure and compost from the decomposing section. This is a combination of decomposing poultry, game bird, cattle, hog and sheep manure, bedding materials, feathers, blood meal and a rich blend of all farm organic matter. Perfect for your garden, fruit trees, flower beds and farm. Call for pick-up, bring a shovel and some happy helpers.

The farm is currently moving the hot stuff to the front growing bed area for curing. Always select from the back 40.

I need more coffee!!

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