Monday, August 29, 2011

Castrating Pigs - Grass Fed -GRASS FARMERS


Castrating pigs can sometimes be necessary, depending on what the future plans for that particular pig are.
Castration is not always necessary to produce delicious pork.

An experienced hog grower, while managing a small herd, can grow delicious boar, in addition to RAINBOW RANCH FARMS, DA LE RANCH IN LAKE ELSINORE,CA. GROWS DELICIOUS BOARS ALSO.

Pigs enjoy grasses, fruits, vegetables, root crops, rotting carcasses and pretty much everything in between.

When growing hogs organically, biodynamically and naturally, by permaculture methods, it is important to have a strong understanding of the moon cycle, numerology, building, earth science, livestock, health, proper diet, nutrition, feeding and species specific knowledge and experience.

Very few (count them on 1 hand) farmers are grass based (in the U.S.A.) and only 2% of the population are small family farms today.

Many folks (including faux farmers (resellers)) see a trend or lifestyle growing in popularity (paleo, Atkins, raw, organic etc), or see an opportunity to take advantage of organic consumers, and jump on a soap box or band wagon to make an extra dollar, all while lacking ethical business practices, experience, knowledge or being under investigation for fraud.

As a consumer, you are responsible for taking a long hard look at your farmer, their history, and checking their reputation, in an effort to make an educated (common sense) decision regarding their mental, sociological and physical capabilities, AGAIN “PHYSICAL CAPABILITIES”.

Farming, in general is very laborious and hard, physical work. If your farmer does not have a [bad] attitude, they are not really farming.

Growing hogs, cattle, poultry, sheep, lamb, goats and other livestock on a free range and grass based methodology; takes a lot of time, MONEY, skill, MONEY, know-how, MONEY, creativity, MONEY, volunteers, MONEY, labor, MONEY, resources, MONEY, energy and MONEY. It is a group effort.

You may read on the internet from unreliable, inexperienced or faux farmers (if you FB or TWEET in those circles) that hogs and poultry do not eat grass, or cattle, lamb and goats cannot be finished on grass.

These claims are made by folks that get free spent barley from breweries, getting cheap, old sack grains, and in other words "garbage" that lacks proper specie-specific nutritional content and collecting unsold popcorn and meat from the farmers market, to feed their newly aquired little piglets and sheep.

Has anyone STOPPED to ask where this faux-farmer has been aquiring pork, lamb, beef and poultry from, all these years to sell at farmers markets and more recently to crossfitness gym members? Well, we do know! and it's not pretty. And for the next 10 years they will be doing the same thing.

These faux farmers (my new word, and it should cause a buzz, watch for it online)(who live in glass houses)also are known to feed their livestock actual home garbage (plastic, styrofoam, cardboard, McDonald's and Jack In The Box left-over's and backed-up sewage, as well as lama, horse manure and cigarette butts, dipped in soda and beer).

RAINBOW RANCH FARMS is a reliable, clean and ethical source of grass fed, premium and gourmet meats, and we have many volunteers and farm members participating in our farming practices. Some members operate urban farms, many have taught Rainbow Ranch Farms, a thing or two, and RRF is still gaining knowledge daily. This is a group effort.

Rainbow Ranch Farms is blessed to have a group of members, friends, family, neighbors and participants to include nurses, farmers, ranchers, nutritionists, soap makers, chefs, economists, writers, teachers, labor workers, college and university professors and specialists in horticulture, permaculture, botanical sciences, animal sciences, veterinarians, doctors, lawyers, homemakers, artists, biologists, feed and nutrition, species specific specialists and many, many more.

As a collective group, we work together to grow the highest quality, gourmet and premium meat, on any market today.

Rainbow Ranch Farms has been included in many productions, including documentaries, commercials, RAIDS, films and dance-off’s. Some of our livestock have been employed by Foley artists and calendar photographers. Some of the livestock featured have already been consumed.

We are the only verified-source, farm, growing free range, grass fed, heritage breeds, WITHOUT the use of corn, soy, barley, oats, wheat, and G.M.O's.

Our official verifications occurred after a faux farmer (currently under investigation for fraud), made false claims about many farms, health food markets, farmer market vendors, artisans and small butcher shops within their area, all while trying to get them shut-down, in a continuing fit of extreme jelousy and vengeance.

grass based operation, growing heritage breeds (including, rare and endangered livestock), free range, grass based, grass fed, humane handling and NO corn, NO soy, NO wheat, NO barley, NO G.M.O's and YES!! GLUTEN-FREE

When poultry are FREE-RANGE, they are scratching, digging up bugs and grubs and searching through pig and cattle pooh for goodies and yummies.
This does not mean that a farmer feeds pig pooh to their range poultry.

When pigs are free range, they root and root, and dig up the gardens and crops... everything!! If a young, small chicken walks past a 450lb hog and is too slow to move from under her chin... That chick might get SWALLOWED.
This does not mean that a farmer feeds live chicks to their range pigs.

Join the Rainbow Ranch Farms network today and participate in our co-op. Do you make artisan goods? Join us today and offer your wonderful products to our group.

When a person is talking out of their stinky side, and trying to hurt good, honest farmers, insulting consumers, vendors, shop keepers, C.S.A's and co-op's, on an ecologically correct MISSION, you just have to write something.

We have been contacted by local media, Dancing with the stars, Housewives of Riverside County, and the DMV wanting to learn of our sources and reasons for living(but we have none). So, as a group, we decided to offer our sources and information, because the public has a right to know!

Contributors to this article include, Paul K., Therese E. and Eliza M.


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