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How To Cook A Perfect Heritage Turkey

The most important meal of the year is "Turkey Time" and, we all look forward to spending that quality time with the people that we love the most. The food is also something that we look forward to, especially that perfect turkey.  It all starts with the quality of the turkey. What breed is it, how was it raised, was it treated well, how was it processed and, how many pounds do I need? The questions are abundant and, they are great questions. Often the answers are not so clear and, sometimes they can be confusing. In this post, I will simplify things to help make your special feast, perfect. The naked answer is "apply any type of heat" until the meatiest part of the inner thigh reaches 165 degrees(F), Alright, we all know that part but, you may be asking "Xenia, the breast cooks faster than the dark meat and, how do I prevent the breast from drying out?".  That's where it gets interesting. So let's get started. TURKEY BREEDS Commercial breeds of tu

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