Friday, October 21, 2011

About Our Farm Members: Thank you!

Thank you to our volunteers, participants and farm members for making great things happen!

Some of R.R.F. volunteers, consultants & helpers: Dave V., Tom N., June N., Sherry G., Stephan G.,Sirpa, Karen, Kristen P., Craig R. & Gary, Angel G., Gloria P., Keith, Sue, Lesley S., David S., Mary E., Zoubeda (and whole family), Andrew, Dennis K., Julia V., Johnny L., Albert S., Katherine B., Mike & CC M., David B., Carl, All the beautiful/helpful children... and the list will require it's very own website, to continue, THANK YOU! xoxoxo

Our new door, stretching netting, improving/erecting fencing, Processing & packaging poultry & luau hogs, pulling calves, hauling cattle, cleaning coops, building livestock housing/shelters & the honey shack, organizing the butchering barn, raking & moving manure. Sheep and lamb management, direct livestock care and making Rainbow Ranch Farms the #1 "working" member, volunteer and "participant operated" farm in California and probably the U.S.A.
Thank you for all the wonderful gifts and sharing delicious goodies, mm-mm-nn..Artisan cookies, breads, baked goods, homemade root beer, ginger ale & broth, home grown Pomegranates, lemons, herbs, giant garlic, Organic coconut products, roasted and smoked chickens, living baskets, tomatoes & broth, Artisan cheese, BBQ sauces, tooth powders, heirloom seeds and starter plants, T-shirts and homemade table savers for hot pots, and so much more... XOXOXOX
Rainbow Ranch Farms, where we all know, trust and love each other. We know our farmers, know our butchers, know our processors and know our food. Woooo-Hoooo!

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