Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Updated Security Measures by Michelle

Thank you to everyone that was able to help.

Rainbow Ranch Farms, is the only farm in it's class, that we even know of. It stands to reason that you follow the leader and learn all you can about the farm setting prec·e·dent/ˈpresid(ə)nt/ - especially if you are making similar, unverified claims.

New and improved RRF security measures and updated privacy programming are in place.

Here's what happened next..The desperate attempted intuder!

She thought would protect her ISP address and her browsing activity, but we found the desperate (attempted)hacker. She has been using fake email addresses from, and It has been handled.

She holds over 4 fake email accounts on facebook and was trying to download RRF members/friends list to make unauthorized contact with RRF members.

She fell for all traps (hook, line and sinker)set by programmers, servers, facebook administrators and of course RRF computer nerds.

This was a desperate attempt to steal RRF proprietary livestock feed information, legal farm share and membership agreement, farm member lists, physical locations of all RRF farms and both owned and leased pasture fields, livestock records and to gain access to RRF prices, products, photos and protocols.

This is what cracked us up..LOL RRF does NOT keep records on computer..LOL- RRF is like the Amish over there in the desert.

As a result, RRF farm phone line was also fully inspected (overkill) and new phone security measures have been put into place. Verizon was very helpful and did all the upgrades for FREE.

Thank goodness RRF security and privacy measures are always top-noch and updated regularly. She was NOT able to get in, hack, infiltrate or gather any info. Simply trying desperately to infiltrate F/B members pages, website, and blog.

This issue was immediately recognized, reported, addressed and quickly resolved.

RRF Yahoo-group will be closing, please join RRF here on or to continue getting your updates!

RRF F/B fiends list is now private and can not be seen, by anyone. RRF website security measures have been updated and new log-in info has been applied.

After consulting with RRF merchant account administrator, they are in the process of further securing RRF check-out buttons, to ensure not only merchants account optimum security and privacy guarantee, but increased security that meets RRF CRAZY standards. Including: only loggged-in (currently subscribed) subscribers can subscribe to C.S.A. and CO-OP products through RRF website.

NEW website susbscription buttons will be up by mid-September.

Thanks to everyone involved, for volunteering time, software, cables, great music, delicious food, knowledge and dedicating so many resources to protecting the privacy of Rainbow Ranch Farms, members, volunteers and paticipants.

RRF is a private, member-only farm, CSA and CO-OP. RRF members own and operate the farms as a group. We all share similar philosophies and standards regarding how are food is handled, grown and harvested. It is illegal to steal proprietary information and intruders and infiltrators to our groups will not be tolerated.

If you are not a member and would like to learn about RRF, take a RRF workshop class, they are offered throughout the year.

Next chapter.....
Michelle (farm member, participant and volunteer).

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